Sex and Pregnancy

Having sex or making love to someone is a very powerful exchange of emotions and energies which contains your psychological and emotional imprint. The emotions can be quite overwhelming and are likely to get quite disturbing especially if you don't understand what's going on. It is a vulnerable time after making love and it often takes a few days for the reality to sink in.

First time Sex. First time sex has it's own rewards, however, subject to the right circumstances and preferably with someone you share your feelings with. It's not necessarily about intercourse. It can be as simple as being physically intimate with each other in ways that you both enjoy. Getting intimate and having sex only for the sake of impressing your friends and lose the 'tag' of being a virgin is not going to make you feel good about yourself.

When is the right time? Sex is all about choices. Its ok to say 'no' if you feel you are not prepared, a caring partner will understand and respect your decision. If your partner threatens to dump you for not providing sexual favours, chances are they are going to do exactly the same once you oblige, so you should decide wisely. As for the right time, it's entirely upto you to decide, however, in every case, it helps if you share the respect and trust with your sexual partner. You need to be honest and open about it, and be clear about your expectations and boundaries. What matters really is that you need to make things 'SAFE' for yourself and your partner and be aware of what you are getting into, and the steps to be taken incase something goes wrong.

Safer Sex. Whether you are in a long term relationship or going out for a one night stand, it's always better to be preventive than being sorry about it later. Having unprotected sex with someone raises the risk of contracting STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), which can lead to serious complications. It also raises the risk of an unwanted pregnancy which gets difficult to deal with, depending on the environment you've been brought up in.

Contraception. This is your guide to keep yourself away from unwanted pregnancy and from STIs. There are various types of contraception methods such as barrier methods, hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine methods, sterilisation and natural methods. The most common are the barrier methods, where sperm are prevented from entering womb by using condoms. Condoms are available for both male and female and can be safely used for effective contraception. Hormonal contraceptives include using contraceptive pills used by women for preventing pregnancy. You may want to discuss with your physician regaring the use of such pills. Intrauterine methods involves insertion of tiny devices into the womb through the vagina and cervix which prevent sperm meeting an egg, or may stop a fertilised egg from settling in the womb.

Unplanned Pregnancy

Being a mother is not only a biological procedure, it brings home a HUGE set of responsibilities and is a lifetime of committment.

If you haven't planned for a baby, discovering that you are pregnant can be a very difficult time to deal with, especially if you are too young to disclose the news to your family. There are no 'right' choices here, just the ones which work best for you given your circumstances. You should talk to your doctor who will guide you with the correct course of action. You should also talk to your partner about this. If your partner is not available, talking to a trustworthy friend often helps. If you still feel clueless, get in touch with us. We shall try our best to be of help to you. Click on the 'I need help' tab below.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing at this point of time is to keep your cool. This can be a very tricky situation for you to handle and can involve a lot of hormonal changes in your body. You might get emotionally drained and start getting weird thoughts regarding the whole issue. You should NOT let yourself do something which you may regret later. This is just a tough phase in life, and this too, shall pass. Have trust in God, take the right advice and be brave. It's all going to be all right!

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies are not conducive to the future of the mother and is a growing cause of concern worldwide. Most teenagers do not plan to get pregnant, but many do. It carries several risk factors both to the mother and the baby such as premature birth, under developed child, delivering a baby with low birth weight, blood pressure problems, low iron level in blood etc. Teenage pregnancy has higher rates of mortality for both mother and an infant. Lack of knowledge and non availability of proper care also proves detrimental to the foetus.

Apart from these, there can be other disadvantages of teenage pregnancies. In countries like India, there can be major "Social Acceptance Problems" associated with a teenage mother. Getting the required financial help can become a problem with teenage mothers in bring up their child and it often results in poor economic conditions and single parenting, often because teenage father is generally not ready to take up the responsibility. The teenage mother may also have to drop out of high school of college, which hampers their education and hence spoils their career.

In every case, you need to take a wise decision as per your circumstances. You can always write to us for professional help and we shall try our best to sail you through this testing times. Click on the "I Need Help" tab below.

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