Dealing with a breakup

Dealing with breakup can be quite traumatic and painful after a joyous and intimate relationship. However, it's very important to deal with it in a positive manner to prevent from geting into a depression, which can turn out to be very detrimental for mental and physical health.

It's ok to be sad. If you feel sad about the entire episode, it's perfectly understandable. Crying often helps in such situation and it is a way to ventilate the pent up feelings. This is a very delicate phase in anyone's life and you need to handle it carefully. Do not get into the vicious cycle of being depressed which can delay your recovery and also invite medical attention. We want you to be the strong person you are and do not indulge self victimization!

Find your support network. It always helps to talk to friends and family members and share your feelings. Look for people that are there in your support network and are willing to help you get over this phase of the broken relationship. It is very important to have people to talk to at times like these. You may also want to talk to us about this.

Be selfish. At this time in time, one needs maximum emotional help to recuperate and get back to your original self. It is ok to be selfish, eat your best meal, go for a little shopping to pamper yourself and be happy. Take a day off from work and go to an amusement park. Find ways to be happy and keep yourself busy.

Avoid rebound relationships. In order to fill the gap created by the lack of our former relationship, it's natural for us to fill that gap by immediately getting into another relationship. This needs to be strictly avoided till the time you are completely out of your former relationship. As long as you are recovering, you do not have the emotional capability to make the right choice and get into another relationship which at this time may be unhealthy and ultimately unsuccessful.

Meditate. Meditation helps to a great extent in recovering from the trauma and for believers, it makes us feel closer to God, gives us a sense of fulfillment and repairs the damage done.

Emotional Support. In case you feel that you are not able to handle the pressure, talk to us, we are here to listen. Click on the 'I need help' tag below and write to us.


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