Relationship Blues

Being involved in an intimate relationship with someone can be a very exhilarating and best moments of once's life. However it can be equally traumatic and unnerving if the same doesn't work out the way one expects it to. It happens with all of us, even the best of people in the world go through emotional stress and relationship troubles in varying degrees in their lives, and it's very important to deal with this without hurting one's emotional well being.

In emotionally involving relationships, it is VERY IMPORTANT for both the partners to have a clear understanding of their committment to one another. Differences in thinking, opinions and choices are a common cause of conflicts, however being respectful of each other's views on matters is important and conducive to maintain the harmony of a relationship. It is absolutely fine to disagree, it is equally important and necessary to respect the other person's way of thinking and also learn to agree to disagree.

It's the sharing and caring for each another which makes a relationship successful, there is no relationship which is free of arguments, disagreemtns and conflicts. It is important for the partners not to allow the conflict harm the relationship. Conflicts and agreements are healthy as long as we learn from them. At the same time, conflicts and disagreements tell us a lot about our partners and their choices, likes and dislikes, and we need to make an effort not to allow the conflicts and disagreements escalate to a point of breaking the relationship.


Silence is one of the worst forms of verbal abuse.

We as human beings are not mind readers, and we do not have the capability to understand the other's person's thoughts and comprehend what's going on in the mind of the other person. Sharing our thoughts and expressing our innermost feelings becomes very important to maintaining a healthy relationship. Majority of problems in this world are a result of lack of communication, or wrong communication. In any relationship, two strangers get to know each other only through communication. Misunderstanding happen due to corrupt communication or the inability or unwillingness of people to receive and perceive the communication properly. If there is no communication, no relationship can exist.

So before you think you have a problem, ask yourself if your communication skills are in place. Talk about your concerns with your partner, that's the best way to solve them. Make sure you meet and talk to your partner one on one and discuss your issues, emails and text messages ruin the chances of solving issues and do not provide a healthy communicating medium.

Should I breakup?

Any relationship is a delicate bond, nurtured by love and care by two people. Breaking that bond will have repercussions for both partners. If you feel that you should end it, talk to your partner about this. Make sure you discuss it and end on a healthy note, if that's the conclusion you arrive at. Always end a relationship in person, never write an email or send a message. Discussing and talking about it clears any doubts which either of you may have. Have an eye contact, talk peacefully and give your partner the time s/he needs in accepting the facts. It is usually traumatic for any person to know that the relationship is coming to an end. After all, you were together for sometime, and it's always respectful in giving the other person a little time and space.

When should I break up?

It takes time to know a person. It is very important to nurture the relationship and have patience and give time for it to grow and mature. There are times when you feel you should need to end it, since it's not working out the way YOU want it. Before jumping to any conclusion, ask yourself a few questions if you really want to end it. Ending a relationship needs to have a strong and convincing reason(s). Infedility and abusive relationships are strong enough reasons to part ways, boredom, peer pressure, parental disapproval, lack of time etc are not. These are temporary and trivial issues which can be solved with proper communication. If you really want your relationship to work, such issues need to be ignored. Always remember, breaking a relationship does not take time, building it takes years of love, trust and time investment. If you feel confused, we will try and help you with your issues. Click on the 'I Need Help' tab below and write to us!

Break up - Why me?

This is probably the first question that comes to your mind after going through a breakup. Why me? Why did I become the sufferer when everything was going fine. Is there something wrong with me? Well, the answer is NO! Nothing is wrong with you! You are one of the finest people with immense talent, maybe things did not go the way you wanted them to! This is just a temporary break in your emotional well being and it will improve with time. Yes, at the present moment you might feel terrible, but things will improve. Maybe 5 years from now, when you look back at the situation, you might just laugh it off. Talk to us, we are here for you and will help you with your emotional discomfort!

This is the time for you to gather up your lost senses and emotions and have your thoughts alligned. Going through a breakup is not easy and it takes a toll on your mental and physical health. But it's more important for you to have a reality check sooner than later.

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