I've lost Confidence

We all go through phases in our lives where things just don't seem to be going right. It seems that despite all the hardwork, be it in a relationship or life in general, we just don't get the desired outcome. All of sudden, everything seems hopeless and it feels like nothing is being accomplished.

Rather than feeling self-assured, there is a feeling of being unsure and insecurity. It feels that every effort to live a life of abundance is going waste and fear turns into your doubt. The doubt, in turn, develops into a lack of confidence. It's impossibe to live a life of abundance when there is a world of fear and doubt inside of us. Well, the secret is to know ourself.

Getting back the lost confidence

As soon as we've realized that there is a lack of self confidence, we somehow want to get it back. Lets take it step by step.

Admit it. The first step towards regaining your lost confidence. You just have to admit to yourself that you've lost some self confidence. It's time to build your self confidence back up. But that can't happen if you're in denial. This sounds simple, but it can be tough for people, at times.

Take a break. Get away from everything for a while. When your mental or physical energy has left you, it needs to be re-energized. Sometimes time away allows your brain to think of solutions.

Re-focus. When you feel ready to get back at it, focus your mind on one easy task that you can accomplish relatively quickly in order to feel success again.

Ask for help. If it's taking longer than you'd like for you to regain your focus, simply ask for it. Click on the I Need Help tab below and fill up the form to connect with us directly and we'll promptly provide a solution to your problems. Be as descriptive as possible while filling up the form and we assure to write back within the next 48 hours!

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