I've been Abused

The word "Abuse" is very commonly used in our everyday lives. Most of us understand this as an insult, offense, rudeness, cruelty and sometimes also as mistreatment and exploitation.

Abuse does not merely mean an offense or insult; there is a lot more undesirable connotation to it than we thought. Abuse is any kind of manipulation and taking advantage or betrayal of trust. People can abuse their power over other people, abuse the natural resources that are available, abuse the valuable time that they have and so on and so forth.

All abuse is traumatic and harmful to victims, some have stronger and long-lasting effects. Being assaulted in a more violent manner does have its own specific effects, not to say that a more or less violent manner way minimizes the reality. People whose emotional needs are not met or who are emotionally deprived, or otherwise abused, are more vulnerable and easy victims because they need attention and some perpetrators, who are aware of this, exploit the emotional need.

Most of us does not relate to what abuse is in our daily lives, and therefore cannot imagine its repercussions on the person that goes through it.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse refers to the act intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm. With physical abuse comes emotional and mental abuse. Like for example, in a relationship, a woman is made to feel below the man, allowing him to totally control the relationship, which forms part of an emotional abuse.

Verbal Abuse

The main issue in a verbally abusive relationship is "control", where the abuser tries to control the relationship and creates unhealthy verbal environment for the abused. Verbal abuse is a kind of battering which doesn't leave evidence like physical abuse does. However, it is just as painful, and recovery takes much longer, sometimes the impact can be very difficult for the abused to get over and lead a normal life. For the verbally abused, there is often no other witness to the reality and no one can understand the experiences of the abused. The victims of verbal abuse live in isolation, and have low self-esteem, no matter how much they may try to ignore it. They are usually low on self confidence, are shy, timid and find it difficult to express themselves. They live in a confusing realm and find themselves uncomfortable while being in public.

In a verbal abusive relationship between any two people, the abuser will stop at nothing to squelch, put down, correct, criticize, belittle, trivialize, ignore, snub, sneer at, and, when all else fails, put on displays of rage in order to dominate and control the other person. Despite the escalation in divorce rates and domestic violence increasing, dominance, control and oppression still exists.

Emotional and Mental Abuse

In India, emotional and mental abuse issues are seldom acknowledged, more so because of the unawareness and immaturity of people to acknowledge and discuss the same. The few people that do understand emotional and mental abuse would rather not talk about it, or just ignore it and continue with their daily grind.

Most women are victims of abuse right from their childhood. What is worse and discouraging is the fact that they do not even realize that they are being abused. A lot of women prefer the feeling of being in denial of the existence of verbal and emotional abuse.

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