Confused and Undecisive

Are you confused with your life? Do you feel that you do not have too many friends with whom you can converse or share your personal inner feelings? Or when you are in a group of people, you get lonely and do not know what to talk? Do you feel you are an absolute waste and you quite frequently get panic attacks and keep crying to yourself? Are you unsure of yourself and your body, and who you want to be in my life, or even insecure of life? Well, do not panic. It's okay to get a feeling like this and it's absolutely normal for people to feel this way. The concern is, it needs to be properly treated so as to prevent the issue from getting more serious or from the problem getting more serious and converting into depression, which can further be detramental to your mental and physical health.

If you find yourself in such a situation and you are able to realize that there's some problem you want help with, we believe this is very perceptive and insightful of you. Half the battle of resolving your problems is being able to identify what's wrong, something which most of us are unable to, and articulate what is it that you want to change in your life. We are already half way there!

We would suggest that you talk to us and share your exact issues. We would like to have a one to one interaction with you and hopefully help you address your problems and find the right solution for you! Click on the I Need Help teb below to get started.

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