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The birth of a child gives birth to the mother and the father. They are the one's who introduce a child to this world. It is their responsibility to check for proper upbringing of the child and make sure that their physical and emotional needs are taken care of. The way a child is brought up decides for what he becomes later in life, that's why the initial bringing up years are most crucial and helps in development of his / her personality. It gives the child the confidence to face the world and deal with the challenges of life.

An emotionally satisfying upbringing makes the child grows up into an emotionally stable human being. With changing times, the emotional needs and requirements of a human being also change, and good parenting always acknowledges this fact. Realizing that a generation gap will always remain between a child and a parent, and an honest effort by parents to see the world with their child's perspective will at times help in a healthy upbringing of the child and in their overall development. It is extremely important for parents to allow their child make choices and take their own decisions in life with their due guidance and support. This helps develop the decision making power and helps the child have their confidence in place when it comes to taking bigger decisions in life. We must remember that healthy parenting is a child's right, and it goes a long way in making him/ her into a stable and strong and kind human being.

Approval Seeking Behavior

The need to validate oneself via the approval of others is what is termed as Approval Seeking Behavior. Approval seeking behavior involves a person doing things with the primary intention of gaining the approval and attention of others, and no wonder, this is true. The gradual polishing of his thought process and decision making since childhood, a child totally loses his choice of preferences and his decision making, which gets very detrimental for the mental growth and hampers his personality. That's the exact reason why many of us are clueless what career to choose after passing out from school, since we are unaware of what WE actually want. All these years we were doing to gain acceptance, but when it comes to making a choice for ourselves, we are nowhere. The same happens with choosing the right partner or the right relationship for ourselves, since we have lost the mental faculty which tells us to evaluate situations and make the right decisions. The result? Many people get into depression, many talk to their friends who themselves are in a similar soup, and some, sadly, get suicidal. Who is to blame for this?

Approval seeking not only destroys the decision making of the person concerned, it may further be accompanied by more personality disorders such as Histrionic Personality Disorder, egocentrism, excessive emotionality, attention seeking, self indulgence and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs. And needless to say, this can be very detrimental to one's mental health and well being.

This is where we pitch in. We help people do an elaborate self introspection, analyze their goals, shortcomings and interests, their potential, capabilities and their qualities, and eventually help them take the right decisions for themselves. We understand that anyone and everyone faces tough and the most bizarre situations in life in varying degrees and capacities and we help them get the best out of themselves, so that they can lead a better and a more satisfying life. And surely, we succeed!




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